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FLOW emphasizes the importance of literacy for people of all ages, and that mission is right in line with my personal values. For more information about the center’s activities, call 536-1204.Sharing my time with FLOW has been nothing but a joy in my life and has provided friendships and memories that will last forever. Students make weekly visits to Littleton center— Students from Littleton High School are visiting the Littleton Area Senior Center from 10 to 11 a.m. A sneak preview of the performance is planned Wednesday, Oct. For more about the center and its activities, call 444-0867.On the last Saturday in July, the town hosts the annual Canterbury Fair, which includes artisan performances, music performances and a 5K run.).They made their living by farming, selling seeds, herbs and herbal medicines; and by manufacturing textiles, pails, brooms and other products.

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Most of these developments and communities include property upkeep and snow removal relieving you of the responsibility and suddenly making winter life in southern NH more than bearable - and perhaps even enjoyable.of 2000, there were 1,979 people, 749 households, and 590 families residing in the town.The population density was 45.1 people per square mile (17.4/km²).It was originally a militia timber fort and trading post of Capt.Jeremiah Clough located on a hill near Canterbury Center, where the Pennacook Indians came to trade. The town's highest point is an unnamed summit near Forest Pond and the town's northern border, where the elevation reaches approximately 1,390 feet (420 m) above sea level.

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