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HB 4462 Allows state police, local police and other entities to administer epinephrine and be trained on how to administer it HB 6086 Adds length of time children are on the PUNS list as a criteria for priortizing services HB 6109 Establishes a pilot program for the Supreme Court to begin accepting petitions for temporary orders of protection electronically HB 6123 Requires National Guard members to undergo pre and post-deployment testing for depleted uranium HB 6131 Requires driver education teachers instruct students on proper actions to take during a traffic stop HB 6190 Adds traffic offense and class 4 felony violation of the Controlled Substances act to the Accelerated Resolution Program (Rocket Docket) and extends the repeal of the program to June 30, 2019 HB 6225 Allows small businesses that partner with outsourcing companies to maintain its own workers' compensation insurance HB 6226 Allows local governments to consult a highway design publication outside of IDOT's bureau of local roads and streets manual.HB 6245 "Removes the restriction that managing brokers and brokers can earn no more than 6 hours of continuing education credit in one calendar day." HB 6285 Requires mobile home park owners to accept rent payments even if a violation fine has been issued HB 6287 Provides that no egg shall be offered for sale for consumers use 45 days or more after candling SB 0321 Extends repeal date of River Edge Redevelopment Zone Act SB 2533 Compels the executive director of a water reclamation district board to appoint an administrative services officer SB 2833 Allows rulings related to violated county codes to be enforced by hearing officers SB 2835 Requires vehicles to stop before passing or driving past a stopped school bus on a public school highway; Removes highways on public school property from the classification of non-designated highways SB 2840 Allows regional superintendents to waive fees for homeless students wishing to take the High School Equivalency Test SB 2842 Requires that the transfer of real property to a trust have a transfer of legal title to the trustee SB 2906 Requires DHS to treat high school participation as core activities for TANF recipients.31 SB 2332 Requires the Department of Healthcare and Family Services to adopt rules for clinical social workers SB 2343 Limits police use of stingray devices to track cell phones; use only to track location of or identify communications devices, not listen in; need detailed court order and non-target data must be deleted within 24 hours SB 2512 Ensures the parent, guardian or responsible relative of abused minors relay contact information for the minor's living relatives to DCFS SB 2741 Allows an association to correct any of its community instrument law inconsistencies by way of a two-thirds vote of the board of directors, without a membership vote SB 2777 Prohibits minors from being committed to DJJ facilities for committing crimes that are not felonies or for certain non-violent felonies SB 2876 Adds criminal offense of money laundering to list of offenses that can be joined into one count of an indictment, rather than prosecuted separately SB 2880 Allows for remote CCTV testimony for minors, persons w/ disabilities in crim sex assault cases SB 2907 Increases the threshold amount for property damage for a misdemeanor or felony from 0 to 0 SB 2984 Makes changes to the Electrologist Licensing Act SB 2985 Removes language prohibiting a genetic counselor from providing genetic counseling without a referral SB 3082 Defines "amputations" SB 3301 Requires all courses approved for Illinois Articulation Initiative Gen Ed. SB 2806 Raises the fine for for violating railroad crossing laws HB 0114 Requires DCFS to file case plans every 6 months after a minor has been appointed to a guardian; Requires IDJJ to notify the court of a critical incident involving a youth committed to the dept within 10 days HB 1437 Requires the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority toreport the number of persons arrested and released without charging, and the racial and ethnic composition of those persons.HB 4606 Creates an appeal process for students found in violation of residency requirements HB 5472 Expands the definition of "victim" under the Crime Victims Compensation Act HB 5576 Mandates insurance companies provide coverage for all contraceptive drugs approved by the FDA HB 5660 Amends Public Construction Bond Act.Unless court order to the contrary, guardian shall use reasonable efforts to notify the ward's known adult children, who have requested notification and provided contact information, of the ward's admission to a hospital or hospice program, the ward's death, and the arrangements for the disposition of the ward's remains.HB 4318 Department of Agriculture may sell at cost, to qualified applicants, signs designating an agribusiness that has been operated for 100 years or more SB 2975 Creates an agriculture education teacher grant program subject to I SBE appropriation HB 4257 DHS shall issue upon request a card certifying that the holder has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.Sometimes it comes up in the way we impose sales tax," Cunningham said.

HB 5775 Brings certain paternity acknowledgement/denial forms into compliance with federal data requirements HB 5945 Changes the word alien to undocumented immigrant when referring to someone not legally admitted to the US; adds "documented immigrants" to the provisions of the bill HB 5948 Lowers the number of required coursework hours for a Public Health Dental Hygenist; allows dental assistants to perform certain procedures on specific patients HB 6006 Requires vehicles to change lanes when coming up on a car with its hazard lights on.Currently, without these clarifying provisions, children who are born of assisted reproductive may be the subject of legal disputes over who has parental rights and obligations.HB 4036 Mandates employers provide unpaid work weeks of leave to any employee who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence or has a family member who is a victim; amount of allowed time off is determined based on the size of the business HB 4264 Imposes domestic violence education requirements on those seeking barber/hair stylist/cosmetologist licensure HB 4447 States the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity and other fors must include full tax ID or Social Security number of the parents and may only be challenged upon showing of fraud or maternal mistake, and must be brought within two years of completion of the form.HB 6060 Adds the percentage of Medicaid funded residents as a factor that DHFS must consider for purposes of payment in nursing home facilities.SB 0211 Allows a photocopy of currency used in an undercover investigation to be used as evidence in court instead of the currency itself SB 0384 Allows public bodies to have closed meetings when discussing subjects protected by patient privacy laws SB 0629 A video recorder may be operated in a contract carrier vehicle SB 1564 Health Care Right of Conscience law.

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