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A murder is connected to suspicious behavior that Mac spies from his apartment while recovering from an injury, and his ex-girlfriend Peyton Driscoll may be connected to the case.

Mac ends up with a fractured wrist and several broken ribs after a suspect he’s pursuing pushes him over a railing at the opera.

Mac, Danny and Peyton find the security guard dead, and Danny races up the stairs after Kevin.

Adam brings Mac the folder for the case, and Mac is surprised to recognize the man from his neighbor’s apartment.Mac finally gets a hold of Peyton and learns Peyton is in town to meet with the Pathologists Association and is surprised to hear from Mac.The man she’s staying with is a mathematics professor named Kevin Scott, and she claims the two are just friends.Peyton quickly notices a prescription and flowers from Dr. Mac brings up the bird and dead man, but Peyton dismisses his concerns.At the lab, Hawkes tells Stella and Lindsay that the allergic reaction on the dead man’s arm is a chemical burn and that he died from fumes from a poison.

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