Are baya and ryan from the real world dating

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Meanwhile, Sarah is out shopping with Katelynn and Chet (seriously, this dude is the most metrosexual man in the history of the earth. On their way home, Katelynn gives Sarah a “punchbuggy” punch and Sarah complains that she hit her really hard.For some reason this prompts Chet to ask Sarah what she would do if her boyfriend hit her, and she says that she would leave him.This devolves into a conversation about domestic abuse, and Chet is completely oblivious of the effect that this conversation is having on Sarah.

Season 21, Episode 4January 28, 2009Sarah receives a phone call from her estranged father, and dark secrets from her past are revealed.Also: Devyn tries to jump-start her acting career; Chet goes on a date with Scott's model friend.Season 21, Episode 6February 11, 2009The guys bond over growing frustrations with the girls during a road trip to Ryan's hometown of Gettysburg, Pa.JD is completely wasted, and he begins to trash his roommates: “Katelynn is nothing compared to Angelique”; “Angelique is 100 times a better singer than Devyn.” Angelique gets on stage to sing, and she invites/challenges Devyn to come up and sing a duet.Devyn is nervous, but she tries to trip up Angelique by singing a country song, and does “I Hope You Dance.” Angelique is up to the task, and finishes the song alone.

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