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A judge ruled that she would have to give a deposition but said she could refuse to answer questions about private communications between her and her husband.Camille Cosby's lawyer, Monique Pressley, repeatedly cited that privilege and advised her not to answer many questions asked by the women's lawyer, Joseph Cammarata.

Cosby; Bill Cosby BOSTON - Bill Cosby's wife refused to answer dozens of questions during a combative deposition in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven women who say the comedian branded them liars after they accused him of sexually assaulting them decades ago, according to a transcript released Friday.Bill Cosby's former lawyers have accused Huth of attempting to extort him before filing the case and have tried unsuccessfully to have it dismissed.Huth's attorney, Gloria Allred, said Hefner's testimony will remain under seal for now.Pneumonia has often been recorded in victims and Mers has also caused kidney failure.Although the origin of the disease is unknown, recent research has linked camels to the virus after the animals were found to carry the virus in their blood.

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