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Back in Shelly and Rob's room, Max asks for a tour, and is shown the spot in the kitchen where they got married; the dreamcatcher Shelly made in prison; many pictures of Shelly's dog Winnie. Max notes that Shelly never used to go out, and she agrees: she was safe inside, so she stayed there, taking care of Delia.While she was inside, she'd go online, messaging random people, because she didn't have real friends.In the morning, she saw Paris had texted back; they started talking, and Paris's nudes apparently followed shortly thereafter.

If that's what would be considered going to the big city for Eastervillians: yikes. The only reason they have to think she's fucking with people online again is Paris's gut. Whatever: they're going in with a smaller crew than usual. Max has just asked if it's okay for them to film there when the phone rings and, when Shelly goes to get it, he does this irritated "Really?

It turns out Max knows the Sklar brothers, Randy and Jason, who are standup comics and also host Sklarbro Country, a podcast about sports.

This is as close to any testimony from Andersen as the episode gets...which is not close, really. Nev and Max journey to Winnipeg to meet Constable Gord Olson of the RCMP's Internet Child Exploitation Unit (since at the time she sent her nudes, Paris was underage).

That seems like a preposterous discrepancy, but on the other hand, Canada's got better things to do than mass incarceration. Nev asks whether Constable Gord is concerned that Shelly's been released, and he claims he is, since the potential for her to reoffend is high: all the tools she used are still there, in her home.

But I guess he's not concerned about her getting her talons into two new marks because when Nev asks if Constable Gord will arrange for Max and Nev to meet Shelly, Constable Gord's like, "Yeah, for sure." Off they go to The Pas, from which it's a mere 100 more miles to Easterville. ) I mean, based on evidence we're about to see, this town doesn't even have, um, a dentist.

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