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It is also one that CAN get you into a lot of heartache if you do not approach this with a plan.Seek support of friends The first thing that I strongly suggest is finding one or more Christian women with whom you can build a deep, supporting relationship where there is also complete accountability to one another.While it does not remove many of the things you are learning to deal with, it is a great gift.Before you entertain dating, I do have some suggestions for you.You're not getting this; in fact, few single people in our culture do, since pairing up is relentlessly presented as the only choice.Singles are continually pushed together and prompted to find a mate, as if anything short of couple-life is deficient.When this union is broken the surviving partner reels disoriented, feeling like an amputee.

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Unsere mobile Version gibt dir einfachen Zugriff, um verbunden zu bleiben, wenn du unterwegs bist!Get a ‘check-up’ If available, I would find a good Christian counsellor and ask for a “check-up” of your emotional, psychological, etc. This can be a BIG help to you as we often cannot see things within us that can cause difficulties as we relate to others.If a counsellor is not available, then I would suggest discussing this with your Pastor. You will find those (perhaps many) who will encourage you to move on with life as a widower and begin dating as soon as possible.He found his life so fulfilling that he said, "I wish that all were as I myself am" (1 Cor. The purpose of this group is to meet and socialize with others who understand what it means to lose a spouse. Some members have young children, some are empty-nesters, while others are in the golden years of life.

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