Dating a girl that smokes weed who is steve guttenberg dating

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like to smoke weed, says Molly Peckler, CEO of Highly Devoted, a cannabis-friendly coaching and matchmaking firm."If you understand why you do it and how it enhances your life, it's easier to communicate that to your partner," she says."You're not paranoid; you're totally relaxed, present in the moment, and sensations are stronger — it turns me on," Peckler says about having high sex on that particular strain.A lovely romantic gesture might be to bring a joint to your date, Peckler says — but again, make sure you're partner is into smoking weed first.If you're swiping through your dating apps in hopes of finding a 420-friendly suitor to spark some love today, there are a few things you should consider before you ask them to burn.First things first: Do you even want to get high with them?If you want to smoke on a first date, you do you — just make sure you've planned somewhere delish to go tend to your munchies afterwards. But one night when we were spending together time, I smoke real very quick from my vape and she not like it very much. Would you stop dating her to find a woman who does not mind that you smoke weed or would you stop for a little while ? Becuase I can not even answer it yet Honestly, from what you're saying, I would be surprised if you would be able to date this woman and abstain; thus, you'd wind up hiding it from her, which would hurt her and ultimately doom the relationship. Yes, I've been in this position, many years ago, the woman I would've considered the love of my as yet short life in high school was straightedge and not at all about my lifestyle, this ended in tears. If you're into the lifestyle enough to have a Bluelight account you're probably not good for a straightedge chick tbh. I do not want to hide any thing from the woman I choose to be with, I like openness & to act myself around her .

"You want to make sure you're kind of bright-eyed and present in the moment," Peckler says.I really like her alot & I do not want to lose her affection or friend ship. I do not smoke very much , only at certain of times during the week. herb will always wait for you but a good woman might not.I do not want to date no one else but at the same time I do not want to change my life style with smoking weed . I want her respect but I also do want her to respect me to. i would stow the herb for a while, keep things on the up n up and see how the relationship goes.So if you know that smoking sativa strains make you very chatty and creative, but indica strains make you become part of your sofa, go for the one that you know will make you comfortable with another person.And if it's your first time smoking, you might not want to do it on a first date, Peckler says.

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