Dating a guy with kids ex Face to face sex cam chat

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Nothing is inappropriate when you are talking about a priority/a personal choice. If you are OK with his decision then keep this in mind and accept your place and the place of your children in his life as second.

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Here's my take on the scoreboard: You: 0.5 Ex: 7.0He's got 7 yrs of history, along with children, with his ex. Real relationships have real arguments, heated discussions, simple disagreements, and hopefully resolutions and compromises. And even the healthiest couples sometimes have raw, ugly spats. Why haven't you brought this up to HIM if it bothers you so much?From the other side, I didn't want to meet my ex's new GF either. I also told him I didn't want her around the kids yet (something I had pull with because his visits w/ the kids are supervised - technically, had he brought her, there would've been little I could've done). Could be why she's made some of the comments she's made about you.They had just started dating (3 or 4 months) and my ex has a long string of ex-wives/ex GF's. Timless is right - this is the reality of things - you can't make either of them stop. But she's came to the point where she calls him for ridiculous things (like to have him sit on the phone with her while she walks up to a building at night to make sure she's ok) and just last week she got put in on the 5th floor of the hospital for making a "harmless" comment about "driving her car off a bridge" She was in there for 6 days, and he had to go up there 4 times, plus pick her up and give her a ride home when she was released. He's with somewhone now but still feels like he has to answer to get every beckoning call. Then I calmly and as nice as I could explained to him that it wasn't right, he acted like he didn't understand. You must accept that his loyalty and connection to her is very much his choice and his decision. Instead, he has very much chosen to be there for her and to care for her in a new way.He is very much committed to her and will never “understand” your view that his continued relationship is “inappropriate” because she is a priority to him.

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