Dating dinner parties melbourne

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I agree with the other reviews - there's not enough male members, hence women rarely get to go to dinners.

I note that every negative review on here is quickly followed up with a couple of positive ones to keep up the four star rating.

I asked myself, 'would I not spend a small amount of money for the chance to meet someone wonderful? There really is a 'little buzz' in the air because you know the other guests - not unlike yourself - have already made a conscious decision to open themselves to the opportunity of meeting someone new. CRITICAL POINT: I attended dinner with the attitude that, WORST case scenario, I would meet some new platonic friends and have a fun night and BEST case scenario, I would meet someone I'm attracted to.

Expectations can mean the difference between enjoyment and disappointment. If they don’t charge membership fee it will be more acceptable. They don’t have enough male members to make good arrangements. Margaret was lovely to deal with and prompt with emails and replies. One man was missing but the others were good company and so were the women.

The venue was excellent with good food, staff and atmosphere.

Although I didn't feel any special connection this time, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests and have engaging, lively conversations.

At first, I found the service extremely disappointing.

I found in my age bracket that half the men I met were just outside the age range (over 40 just), and half within.

Let's see how long it takes after my review for the fake positive ones to follow.

I have tried internet dating for a few years without success, you don't know if the other person you approach is interested or where they stand with wanting to date.

Well the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. I would thoroughly recommend this service and I am very grateful for the opportunities it gave me. [name removed] is very keen to get your money and then there are no suitable dinners available.

A friend I have know for a long time suggested A Tanle for Six. She rarely answers her phone and hardly ever returns calls.

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