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In short, I was unprepared for a real, violent attack.

I realised that the elements that had saved me in this altercation had been learnt exclusively from TKM and I decided to focus my energy in that direction from then on.

The reality-based self-defence world is almost exclusively the domain of very strong men.

This is, of course, a natural progression from its military origin, however, this type of training environment is extremely confronting to most women, especially those who might have suffered at the hands of men in the past.

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Kevin and I decided that it was time that women had access to this fantastic information in an environment that prioritised their needs.

However the nature of self-defence dictates that you will be required to defend yourself at the level of fitness that you currently have when you are attacked.

Unlike the sporting arena, where athletes are able to work towards a date of action, self-defence may be called upon at any time.

You need a space where you can train hard, but where you feel comfortable to show your emotions — a safe space.

I have learnt from and trained with many talented men, and still love training with some awesome male fighters.

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