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John, however, has been picked for a date by "crazy" Suzanne, who flits manically around her tiny cottage in pink trainers, spewing double entendres and force feeding him raspberry pavlova.At 6ft 6ins John can't move without toppling entire families of ornamental china dolls and candelabras in his wake, and as we watch him scamper for freedom down Suzanne's garden path it seems doubtful that much love has come to Gairloch - but perhaps we're missing the point.In his experience, Thai and Filipino women of 25 are often quite content with a man in his late fifties or sixties.

When your livelihood depends upon shovelling horse manure, early mornings and wellington boots, and your weekly trip to the village shop counts as a social life then it's no great surprise that meeting that special someone is difficult."You've got to speculate to accumulate," John tells me.He knew that love would be unlikely to blossom with the lovely ladies of Gairloch within five minutes of stepping off the coach."A lot of girls my age want a boyfriend, not just a one-night stand, but the farmers our age just aren't interested," complains Hannah." When it's harvest they don't want a girl ringing up every five minutes pestering them." When I asked Hannah whether she would consider widening her search to the city, she was adamant that only a country boy would do.

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