Dating someone special needs kids

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This topic leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some? Why pretend that potential big issues couldn't be present. A coffee is not a wedding, of course I realise that. My comment about it being coffee not a wedding wasn't directed to you, OP.

I love my kid, but autism is a scary word to most people, until they've met someone like my David.You are far more of a lady than I will ever hope to be. Edited to clarify, I would have kicked the douchebag date til he was dead, not your son.(I thought my comment read weirdly) Edited by Tea-Rex, 30 December 2013 - PM. From someone with a special needs child, I have been on 2 dates in his life.I'm wondering if things worked out, how it could impact our lives. I would imagine that if things progress that's because you decide that having that person in your life is good for you, including all of the aspects of his life and your life that impact on that balance. Or, if there are no fireworks, then you might take into account his situation and not go ahead with any sort of a relationship. As someone with disability within my extended family, I would expect it would have been a relatively large step for this person to share their position of having a child with SN.I mentioned it to a friend today and she says that that perhaps I should not go ahead with the coffee due to the potential problems and complications it could bring to our lives if things progressed. I would certainly not decide not to go for a coffee with someone for such a reason. I think you would need to love some pretty freaking much to be open to that kind of extra difficulty in your life. Or this child may enrich your life in ways you never knew were possible. I certainly can't tell you what the right or wrong way is to go from here, but would ask you to take a minute to imagine you in their shoes, and be sensitive to their emotions if your only reason for not prgressong to coffee is due to the unknown complications. OP, I too think it's a rather poor taste question.

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