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Trust a guy to some extent, most men will say things and act like they care to gain what they want and leave you, but don't pass up guys who actually care and are willing to give you all of them.Don't let nice guys finish last, you'll find yourself wishing you said yes to him before than going for the guy who will obviously hurt you.Learn to sacrifice for each other and understand, do not jump tp conclusions so fast and ask questions.Even though they might be annoyed, it shows you care and want to do what you can to help the relationship grow into a healthy one.I.), quiet night at home and just someone to be there.Sometimes all we need is someone to listen." -Anonymous, "Dating idea: Since 'long walks on the beach' doesn't really apply to New Yorkers (I mean city-goers), a long walk at Central Park or Roosevelt Island is a nice cheap date.

I love a good restaurant, a walk on the beach (go to Queens or L.

Only a professional can diagnose a disorder, however.

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