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I also surveyed the men of Craigslist and the response was overwhelming.I got replies from around 150 different men within a few hours!– Look up at him with a look of appreciation in your eyes, like you can’t believe your good fortune to be sucking on his cock. – Deep throat, but only if you can suppress the gag reflex. (Or, at least, exaggerate.) There are countless men who have been married for years who are so sure they know when they’ve “delivered the goods”–and are dead wrong. MOST WOMEN (I know, I know, you don’t want to believe this, and all YOUR lovers are the exception) do not actually enjoy giving BJs (at least, not in the personally pleasurable sense).– Gently suck or lick his balls once in a while, but be careful! – Disengage the mouth and tongue long enough to jack it a few times before going at it again. – Give him a BJ while it’s still wet from being inside your vagina. There is a difference between not finding something personally pleasurable, and hating it. If you can’t understand why, try sticking something long and hard down your own throat, suck on it endlessly, and try not to hit the gag reflex. I can see why you wouldn’t want a BJ from a woman who makes her disgust obvious, or gives it begrudgingly. I wish this weren’t the case, but I want to be truthful.Here is what he had to say: RICHARD, 51: There’s really not a lot that goes into a good BJ. Maybe she’s just nervous and slipped, or didn’t realize she was doing it. I know this is hard truth, but it’s truth, nonetheless.Mainly just appear you enjoy giving it (even if you don’t–fake it), like it’s the best thing you’ve ever had in your mouth. That said, here are some BJ DOs and DON’Ts: DO: – Lick it like a lollipop. My advice: get over it and be happy someone likes you enough to fake now and then. This website is estimated worth of $ 8.95 and have a daily income of around $ 0.15.

(I actually stole that sentiment from a man or two. It has been my understanding after 20 years of being sexually active (non-consecutive years, alas) that most people, both men and women, would really rather not give oral. I’ve been given, and on my empirical knowledge, they generally do it for the following reasons: 1. They don’t necessarily enjoy going down on someone, but they certainly want to be gone down on. I have had the pleasure of encountering about three such men. There are three others I can think of who did it gladly, enthusiastically, and were very good at it. So, it is that important, but they don’t want to do the same for the woman? One wise young man, 24, from NYC, wrote to me, “I agree with most of your statements regarding oral sex, but I would like to add one thing. It is why most men love receiving but dislike giving. Here’s what the men had to say: What behaviors are a turn-off/offensive? w=204&h=229 204w, w=134&h=150 134w, w=267&h=300 267w," sizes="(max-width: 204px) 100vw, 204px" / Ok, women, we have been formally accused of not paying enough attention to our dates. One guy specified being judged for his past or lifestyle. You can text all your girlfriends—NOT DURING THE DATE, PLEASE! This charming illustration, contributed by Adam, 36, is simply amazing: “Don’t take a sip from a drink and then spit the contents back into the drink, and then when the server says, ‘I’ll take the drink and it won’t appear on the bill,’ don’t say, ‘Well, if you’re going to throw it out, I’ll just drink it,’ and then, don’t proceed to drink the contents that were once in your mouth and then in the glass so that it’s all back in your mouth. I was really surprised at all the men who said women don’t make eye contact. Other answers with just one vote each were: Sexually Non-judgmental. So, click on the COMMENT BUBBLE (looks like a cartoon dialogue bubble) at the TOP RIGHT of the post and join in! The only way she could not know is if her mind is somewhere other than on you. Some guys may want some of those things, others and apparently you, don’t. Finally on the spit swallow thing – yeah, I expect a woman to want to swallow (not just do it for it my sake), but I don’t always want her to swallow.I have gathered a LOT of info., so this will be posted in 3 installments. The men who answered are 18 to 61, and live in LA, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington DC, NYC, and Miami, plus one guy in Arizona.Here’s what they had to say: Who pays for the first date? You may think that such a man has a stick up his a—I mean, keester!It also appears that we have not mastered the art of conversation despite being infamous for Yakety-Yak. I don’t see it as slutty as long it doesn’t negatively affect other parts of your life, or people in your life.” Curiosity, Honesty, Holds Her Drinks, Straight-shooter, General Gratitude (which goes along with all the “say thank you” comments), Kindness, and, finally, A Soft Voice According to an article in Mail Online, , “A lower tone when speaking to the opposite sex is a sure sign of attraction.” So, go ahead, girls–get your Bacall and Dietrich on! If that description of a blow job is supposed to be good, I’d pass on it.” Silk: So many things here, Bob…first, thanks for commenting! I do think, however, we can disagree with someone and not get nasty. Richard has been good enough to write up these tips at my request, and I appreciate it very much and find them very helpful, as do other women. This is at least the FIFTH time I have heard about this, including in the BJ manual “Blow Him Away” where they instruct the BJ giver to “cover your teeth with your lips.” There are even jokes/funny pictures on this theme on the internet.

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