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This kind of stuff is not really at all acceptable [in Eastern Europe].

It’s hard to date below their level.’ Have any studies had illustrated this? ‘That’s just an opinion based on anecdotal experience, dating in the UK.’ Confused by his assertion that there is a higher caliber of man in the UK than women I asked Richard what he thought of the fact that 67% of UK men are overweight, compared to 57% of women.

A lot of the guys date white women, less women will date white men, so there are so many single black women because of that.

In the same way there’s a lack of quality guys for women in Russia so they’re happy to meet nice men.’ An extensive search following our discussion has yielded no evidence to support this theory.

I asked Richard why he thinks Eastern European women are better than British ones.

In a surprisingly monotonous voice, he told uk: ‘In my travels I’ve been to over 60 countries and I’ve found that the most feminine, most beautiful and most well behaved women, the women with all of the qualities that men look for in a woman, are found in the highest abundance in Eastern Europe and Russia.’ Trying very hard to hold on to my manners, I ask Richard what he means by ‘well behaved.’ ‘It’s like, not shouting in public or getting drunk and falling over or swearing, you know.

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