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Along with that charming face, Hirsch is blessed with a good height, which suits his personality very well. As this young actor has been very successful in his career with his acting skills, there are many inspirational biographies on him.A lot of information on this flexible actor and barely credible biography of him can be obtained from popular wiki sites such as IMDb and Wikipedia.He can also be followed in different social networking sites including his personal twitter and Instagram account.Other films include The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002), The Girl Next Door (2004), Lords of Dogtown (2005), Alpha Dog (2006), The Darkest Hour (2011), The Motel Life (2012) and Vincent N Roxxy (2016). His mother, Margaret Esther (née Davenport), is a visual artist, teacher and pop-up books designer, and his father, David M. Hirsch began acting on television roles in the late 1990s.Hirsch played Christopher Mc Candless in the true story of Chris Mc Candless called Into the Wild (2007).

In April 2011, he was cast in Oliver Stone's Savages, which was released in July 2012.Sometime, he gained popularity as a young father without getting married as his ex- girlfriend gave birth to his son.He is not married to her but still has a husband- wife relation and is talking care of their child together.The film was shot in 2004 and released on January 12, 2007.Hirsch reportedly consulted with Hollywood's real life father before playing the role.

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