Grandmother dating sites

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You failed to teach them the fundamentals required to be a responsible adult. If you yourself are a grandparent or become one in the future, I hope that you are one of the grandparents who can visit with the grands and then send them home to a safe, and healthy home with their parents..I pray that something doesnt all of a sudden go terribly wrong, and one of your kids finds themselves unable to manage caring for their child/YOUR grandchild...

Only reason an adult child should be allowing their parents to raise their kids is DEATH or SEVERE Illness like Cancer or heart attack I have never asked anyone to help raise my child. and that you are not faced with the decision that some of us have been faced with.... I would "ENABLE my grandkids to feel safe and secure in a familiar home and with family that love them.

Sorry those of you who have the daily grunt work with the grandkids instead of the fabulous system of spoiling them and sending them home :) Very happy you are trying to keep those kids on track.

obviously the kids are with you because they need someone to care for them... I hope that their parents somehow pull it together and get with the program and start caring for their kids.. things that grandparents who are caring for our grandkids can do for fun?? speaking for myself , I have accepted the fact that my options are somewhat limited now... slows one down quite a bit in some ways and in other ways.. Hi Everyone Its been a while since i have put anything in here, but I have been extra busy.My daughter went and had another baby and now I am trying to get this one into my care ,so now I take one day at a time.I have found it hard but if you hang in there take one day at a time, make sure you take great care of yourself than you should find your mate but having great friends that can watch the kids when you go out is very helpfull.I don't know why people are ragging on Carolann, wtf?You are younger than I am and I'm a single parent and I agree with the statement about your being able to find men your age with kids who started their family later or started a second family with a new wife.

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