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“I think that comedians who were born to do it, not those who took classes or whatever just want to get famous or make money, our brains are wired differently than other people,” she explains. I get my material just by waking up and going about my day. I’ll put a few bullet points in my phone and just embellish from there.

I don’t rehearse—when I practice, I practice in front of a live audience.” Perhaps another ingredient to Luenell’s success as a stand-up comic is her admittedly rated-R subject matter and ability to use comedy as a means to educate and learn from others while having a good time.

“It was a fluke—my roommate was dating a comedian who happened to run a club,” Luenell explains.

“After hearing me banter around the house, he said he’d give me an opportunity to come to his club and get on stage.

But Luenell says she did not plan to make a career out of comedy until later in life.Majors, Minors, and More » Admission Requirements » CCA integrates a rigorous arts education with Miami's liberal arts foundation.Professional artists, performers, scholars, and designers mentor the career skills and growth of students.Our graduate students are a vibrant community of scholars in an environment with limitless opportunities.Programs » Admission Requirements » Global Initiatives collaboratively engages with the local and international community by providing outstanding service and opportunities for student, faculty, and staff.

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