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Robert is insisting they make a go of it, but Cheryl is talking like a woman who wants out.' Boast: Actress Cheryl Hines has been accused of flaunting the relationship with RFK jr online in the weeks before his wife hanged herself and posted this picture of her with Glenn Close - a good friend of Mary's Despite being seen with Robert at a string of high-profile events, the actress has been keeping a low profile amid reports that her relationship with Robert had deepened the mother-of-four's depression and caused her to take her life.The source told the Enquirer about Cheryl's boastful tweets: 'She now knows that the boasting online about her relationship was a dreadful mistake.This could curb Cheryl Hines’ enthusiasm to marry Robert F. Kennedy may have been cheating on his fetching fiancée with Chelsea Chapman Kirwan, a Connecticut socialite and the wife of a prominent plastic surgeon, according to two published reports.Citing sources close to the allegedly cuckolded husband Laurence Kirwan, The Daily Mail reported the two began stepping out before he and his wife separated in July 2012.“No comment,” said Ann Gurrola, a spokeswoman for Hines. “When Bobby eyeballed the woman in a hot exercise outfit at the gym, he didn’t waste a minute before putting on a full-court press to win her over to be more than just friends,” a source told the tab. He is now seeking to get a Connecticut order of protection modified so that he can see their kids, records show.

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“I lick the cheese off Doritos and put them back in the bag,” Chrissy Teigen, a 28-year-old cover model for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition, told The New York Times about her bizarre relationship with junk food. While I wouldn’t want to share a salty snack with Teigen, this might spell progress in the fight against eating disorders. She's told pals that she can't sleep at night thinking about the pain she unknowingly caused Mary.' As well as battling debts and depression, she was also involved in a losing custody battle with the son of the late Robert F.Kennedy and he had begun to file restraining orders against her as he built his case to take charge of their four Using her twitter feed, which has now been discontinued, Hines tweeted about talking football with Mary and Robert's 11-year-old son, Aiden and even struck up friendships with two of her best friends, Glenn Close and Kerry Kennedy.They are supposed to tie the knot this summer on Cape Cod.There was no immediate response from Kennedy to an email about the cheating charges that was sent to Riverkeeper, the environmental group he heads. Kirwan has a grown daughter from a previous relationship and three more with the doctor.

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