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As a follow-up to my piece 10 things I miss about old technology, I wanted to present the flip side of the coin and talk about some elements I'm glad became extinct thanks to modern evolution. I mentioned in my last article that one of the things I liked about older computers was that they seemed tougher, as exemplified by a Dell laptop that reminded me of the Terminator because it seemed unstoppable.

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For further information please contact Nigel on 07879 ..... BMW 840 CI SPORT STUNNING CAR - EXPORT AVAILABLE (1997) BMW 840 CI SPORT 1997 FULL SERVICE HISTORY. Back when I was a kid, I even recorded games onto cassette tapes, which were tedious to play back.It might take 15 minutes to load a game — and if there was a defect on the tape, forget about it.Chances are I can find it again online if I do need the document later.On a related note, I've saved countless hours not having to paw through piles of floppy disks or CDs trying to find the right one to play a game, load a file, or boot an operating system.

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