Jolene blalock dating

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But she is a happily married woman who tied the knot to fellow actor Michael Rapino and has spent almost 14 years of their life together with three gorgeous children.

Stunningly beautiful and sexiest model and actress Jolene married Michael on 23 April 2003.

Blalock appeared in the film Slow Burn with LL Cool J and Ray Liotta which was shot in 2003 between seasons three and four of Enterprise, unveiled at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2005, and finally saw limited theatrical release in 2007.

She guest-starred in two episodes of Stargate SG-1 as Ishta, leader of a group of female Jaffa.

Though she has worked in many other TV series and movies she has gained great name and fame from the very science fiction series.

As she was once ranked 102nd among the Sexiest Woman in the World, and many people especially boys and still crazy for her.

I read a lot and educated myself a different way because me and school didn't get along. I remember playing kiss-chase in the first and second grade. She has appeared on the cover of many men's lifestyle magazines, was twice featured in Maxim's "Girls of Maxim" gallery, and was named the 10th sexiest woman in the world in 2003 by FHM.

She also appeared in the movie On the Edge (2001) and the miniseries The Diamond Hunters (2001) before being cast on Star Trek: Enterprise. More than 100 people are working together on this every day and we haven't had one argument. I've had bad days in my personal life, but it's always a joy to go to work.There's also a sense of immortality that the show gives you, that you're working on something that will never die, that your contribution will last forever. She has not participated in conventions or given interviews regarding her role on Star Trek: Enterprise except for Fed Con XIV in May 2005, but did agree to join the cast reunion for an interview during the Blu-ray conversion and production.She also appeared as a parody version of herself attending a Star Trek convention in a 2009 episode of the sitcom 10 Items or Less titled "Star Trok".However, their love life could not take a long leap.Jolene was actually seeking a long lasting relationship which she failed to get from any of them until she met Michael.

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