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These include Sir Stuart Strange (Jonathan Pryce) and Zilpha Geary (Oona Chaplin). Although seemingly rebuked toward the end — with Delaney's apparent black magic ability exposed as careful planning and clever direction — we still can't be completely sure that there is no supernatural element (especially considering its emphasis and importance.) For that reason alone, Taboo Season 2 theories will likely focus on this.

Other theories are based around Delaney's motivation. His original plan was apparently to redeem his father and take control of the business, but his goals seem to have changed. In terms of the plot, the theory is that the next season will shine some more light Delaney's mysterious years spent in Africa, as well as possible flashbacks to his relationship with Zilpha.

Around 20 per cent, on the other hand, resisted answering questions about their salary.

When asked to reveal their total household income, many simply said no.

Is fun but there are questionable characters and hackers that run rampant on there.

They steal diamonds from girls then send them Out to control them.

Although a number of big names met their demise in the finale, the Taboo Season 2 cast and characters list is still hugely impressive, fronted by the eye-rolling whirlwind that is Tom Hardy's James Delaney: There are also a few fan favourites who are presumed dead, but could make a surprise appearance (surprise is Taboo's forte).They'll tell us about their affairs, all of their partners, they'll tell us all kinds of different things but the one thing they won’t tell us is how much they earn."She said this isn't the first study to find money more taboo in polite conversation than sex.In their sex-centric interviews, researchers learned that the average woman has had four lovers — twice as many as she had 20 years ago, but two fewer than the average man.Set in the 19th century, Taboo is a period drama with a twist; it's violent, it's shocking, it's profanity fuelled, it's organ manipulating and it's endlessly entertaining.As one of Hollywood's big hitters, there were fears Hardy would only be able to schedule one season, but this is a passion project for the British actor, and one he clearly can't leave behind, just yet. We'll be scanning all available sources like an American spy on James Delaney, and as soon as footage is released, it'll be here.

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