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For example, when I expressed my doubts about demonetization on the group, one of them said I must have hoarded black money,” said Aman Malik, a product designer based in Gurgaon.

It’s hard to find today someone who isn’t tired of Whats App groups, but it’s harder to find someone who is not a member of one.

She would send 100 photos of one product one after the other.

I sent him a link to an article stating his family background; he sent me a link to postcard news affirming his relations with the criminal.

It’s urgent and intimate—urgent because it exists on the Smartphone and intimate because it’s held together not by common interest but core connections, as members of a wfamily, office, building, or alumni.

Whats App provides not only a channel of communication but also a template for it.

The platform has created whole new virtual communities -- school mom group, condo group—as well as animated old associations like alumni and party members.

How is a What App group different from one formed over email or Facebook?

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