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Another recorded what they ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One drew a pie chart of the different types of furniture in their house. The team will present a review of the project next month at the Computer-Human Interaction conference in San Jose, California.They wanted to know what would happen in a world where instead of vetting potential dates by their artfully posed selfies or carefully crafted dating-site profiles, we looked at data gathered by their computers and phones.As use of data-gathering devices increases, it’s a world that’s just round the corner. “There’s a bit of a mismatch between a data led view of the world – which is very dry and mechanical – and how we view ourselves,” says Chris Elsden, who headed up the project.They read out their numbers, compared stats and even complimented one another on their data.Where people had been allowed to list whatever they liked, they had picked very different types of information to portray themselves.

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