Nick rhodes duran duran dating

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Given the circumstances, this could only be viewed as a major catastrophe. The man who, even though his voice didn't break until he was seventeen, is now the lead singer for Duran Duran, one of the most popular bands in the world.

The man who, even though he was never very popular with girls in school and didn't have his first real girlfriend until the age of fifteen or sixteen, is now one of pop music's biggest sex symbols, his picture adorning the bedroom walls of countless little girls.

They spread word of the Beatlesque mania afflicting the Durannies in the U. and began organizing stateside media events: publicizing the time and flight number of the group's arrival at a New York airport (only a handful of fans showed, but what the hey) and setting up an appearance in an already overcrowded Times Square video store.

By the end of 1983, Capitol's efforts had more than paid off: both of Duran Duran's earlier albums had made it into the U. Top Ten, while had reached Number Twelve only three weeks after its release.

Whatever happened to the idea that rock & roll was supposed to be subversive? Suddenly, these guys were video superstars, like the Monkees.

But those kinds of thoughts weren't entering the minds of the young girls who were glued to their television sets watching MTV every waking hour. It didn't matter that their nine British hits had come without extensive use of videos, or that they had released two albums, their instruments and had already paid their road dues in America with two grueling club tours and an opening spot on Blondie's ill-fated final tour.

After all, what was a British band doing espousing a jet-set lifestyle when millions of people in their own country were on the dole?

So thrilled were the girls that they didn't refer to these young men by their own names but by the names of the real band members: "Simon! When the lights went down, the crowd, of course, went nuts. Not that it probably mattered to a good portion of the crowd.

They were a rock group on a real roll: Their third and latest album, , had already reached Number One in the U.

K., while in America it had sold more than a million copies within a couple of weeks of its release.

It was the kind of scene that's been played over and over again in pop music, from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley to the Beatles to Rick Springfield. As Andy Taylor, Duran Duran's twenty-two-year-old guitarist, somewhat glumly pointed out a few days later, "It's been said that we could probably go up onstage and fart and it wouldn't make any difference.".

And on this British tour, they were putting on their flashiest show yet: extra musicians (a percussionist, a sax player, two backup singers), tons of lights, six Roman columns across the back of the stage.

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