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The Palin home is portrayed as running at a frenetic pace; one-on-one basketball games, take-out pizza dinners, razzing between kids and parents.Extended family is in abundance, and while they have helped Sarah and Todd Palin raise their children – enabling her to serve as governor and pursue her political career last fall during the presidential campaign – the couple hired a Wasilla nanny to help out at home, the book reveals.The sea wall at Burnham-on-Sea gave way, and the water flowed over the low-lying levels and moors.

A BBC programme exploring the theory, The Killer Wave of 1607, was made as part of the Timewatch series.

Written evidence from the time describes events that were similar to those that unfolded in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, including the sea receding before the wave arrived, a wave of water that rushed in faster than men could run, a description of the waves as "dazzling, fiery mountains", and a crowd of people who stood and watched the wave coming towards them until it was too late to run.

Some of the most detailed accounts also state that it had been a sunny morning.

“Levi used to drive to Anchorage to take Bristol out.” Heather Bruce is quoted as saying in the book, “He used to bring her flowers and take her to dinner and a movie.

He would come in and say hello, but he says few words.

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