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As a 20 year vet and not a POS REMF I earned and sacrificed to go to the high speed low drag schools it was not given to me.

To many "dudes" want to ride with a patch on their back, they didnt earn anything so they have no respect for it or what being a club memeber represents.

woman...being a veteran of 22 years in the Army and a long time MC member, I know a thing or two about the MC world.

Unless they have made some changes they are run by cops on their national board. I wil L not run from trouble but I don't like to start any either.

If you wish to call it recruiting then that is alright.

I tend to look at it as a sharing of information in hopes that some of our veterans who may not have heard about some of these motorcycle units may be informed about them by someone who had read this information and shared it with them.

Get off all you politially correct perches and know this there are consequenses for every action, nobody is stopping you from doing what ever you want, just be willing to pay the price. Now, I wear a patch on my vest and we wear red shirts under that to symbalize the sacrifises made by our sodiers serving past and present.

We not only wear our patch with pride we work and strive hard to do charity work in order to generate funds that in turn is given 100% to organizations like "Soldier On" a group that helps the wounded.

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