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Conversely, the slang word 'dove' was used to describe somebody who opposed the Vietnam war.(b) 9 hours 15 minutes According to the National Sleep Foundation the average teen needs around 9 1/4 hours of qood quality sleep every night to perform at their best.You have to register and log in for the site in order to take the quiz. We're going to launch an article that covers personality quizzes for teens in some degree of detail.Quiz is a site dedicated to all categories of quizzes including teen relationships and dating. – This quiz answers the question of if you are really ready for a steady boyfriend or if you should keep things casual. (Teens who know things aout their personality are going to do better in relationships, for sure.) Be on the lookout for this one.Girls, you can also read about how to catch him and keep him for a great value.Relationships and romance are important to teenagers.You want to feel good about yourself and about the people in your life.But sometimes you need romantic advice and for whatever reason you don’t want to ask a friend or a parent.

"It is a world of sweaters and skirts and bobby sox and loafers ..." (c) being a war supporter The slang word 'hawk' was particularly aimed at people who supported the Vietnam war which ran through the 1960s from 1955 to 1975.We receive countless visits to this website every day from parents and teachers looking for our popular printable Quizzes for Teenagers (if you didn't know we have a growing collection on topics such as food, biology and history) so we've decided to go one step further and produce a printable trivia quiz all about teenagers themselves.The trivia questions are all in multiple choice format (the multiple choice answers could be excluded if you want to make it harder or encourage independent research) and they test general knowledge on the origins of the word 'teenager', slang, the first teenage movie star, and much more.(b) different in every respect to every other girl on the block. According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately how much good quality sleep does the average teenager need every night to stay alert and healthy?(a) 8 hours 15 minutes (b) 9 hours 15 minutes (c) 10 hours 15 minutes (c) the 1940s It is generally accepted that the word 'teenager' was first widely used in the mid 1940s.

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