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Chloe is very close to Bryant, he has been there for her since she was 3 years old.James and Sarah have even grown very close, as she has known him since he was 4 years old.Who knew that those two kids would bring them together to one day be a family.Miss Sarah was working at a daycare where Chloe also attended.

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After talking a lot and seeing each other during that time it wasn't until the end of February when Sarah and Bryant were considered 'dating'.

That year they were very lucky and they went on a trip with Bryant's mother, step-dad and sister and her husband to Maine.

It was a wonderful trip that actually brought Bryant, Sarah, James & Chloe closer together.

“When the weather drops below freezing, it’s critical to keep your head covered,” the post reads.

“…It’s critical that you keep it covered with something nonchalantly luxe and stylish—like the perfect cashmere beanie.” Clearly, Markle has luxe tastes worthy of a princess!

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