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Kyouko's a very anti-social and intelligent person.She looks carefully at everything and will be able to provide evidence for every claim she makes.She doesn't like many people, so consider yourself lucky. You must also include the source of the work, all available copyright information, and a detailed fair use rationale.

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He even tried to make puppets who looked exactly like his parents but he realised that they could not give him the same love. He claimed that he is like a puppet, without any emotions. He did not wish to wait or keep others waiting.________________________________________________ SASORI & DEIDARASasori and Deidara are both in one team. They had both conflicting views on art and they frequently argued about their differing perspectives.

He also wore a Akatsuki robe and a purple akatsuki ring on his left thumb. When Kabuto reincarnated him in the great Shinobi war Sasori displayed the black sclerae and darker irides seen in other reincarnated shinobi.

When he joined the Akatsuki and conversed himself into a puppet, Sasori's hair became slightly more messy. Sasori's puppet body has a pair of spinning claws attached to his lower back, a stinger in the empty and open stomach cavity, a compartment in his right chest and a "core of living flesh" in the left which has the Kanji for "scorpion".

His skills even allowed him to create two puppets who looked like his parents. When Sasori realised that the puppets were unable to give him the love of his parents he lost the interest in them.

He could really good controll pupets he even began to devise masterful ways of eliminating a pupet's master weaknesses in battle.

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