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A peek into the lives of Naruto and Sasuke with a whole heap of domestic fluff and a fair bit of angst. When Sasuke travels to Konh right before the Yule Celebrations, he finds more than just another mission, he finds destiny...

He wasn't accounting for his brother's plotting or Naruto's unchanging power on him. However, he believed that being forced to socialize with people he didn't know or care about solely because they were his flatmate's friends was no fun at all. Ever wonder if the stories your parents tell you are true? He thought the story Minato told him as a child was just a story.

When he had met his flatmate, he believed that it was a bliss. At least it was the case until he was thrown overboard and washed up on a strange beach which contains strange creatures. (Adopted from Zacksmexy Fair) Naruto is a young male who tragically loses his parents.

)convict, and it went a little something like this. All Naruto wants is for Sasuke to stay and heal, but Sasuke seems determined to keep hurting himself. Dedicated to those of us not quite content with the Chapter 700 ending.] After the death of his parents, Sasuke thought that nothing would ever feel bright again.

But then he takes a risk and accepts a job at his old kindergarten, and finds himself quickly developing a crush on the warm, sun-shiny Naruto-sensei. But family has never been a simple thing for Naruto or Sasuke.

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