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Row Set Cut Range = Range(Cells(1, i Col), Cells(54, i Col - 3)) Cut Range. Note that I've said there's a header row, cells D3: E3, listing the field names 'HDR=YES'.

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The only way to prevent this is to manually go in and delete the columns. I'm dealing with a lot of spreadsheets, so it's going to take considerable time to manually delete these columns. These parts work, the issue is that it thinks there is about 30 extra columns with no data. I want the first worksheet to pull in every time, so the column.delete is only used on the first worksheet. Note that I've also specified 'IMEX=0', which ought to mean but the JET database drivers treat it with cavalier disregard. Cells(1, 1), _ Lookat:=xl Part, _ Look In:=xl Formulas, _ Search Order:=xl By Columns, _ Search Direction:=xl Previous, _ Match Case:=False). Selected Sheets With wks2 On Error Resume Next For i Col = 52 To 6 Step -4 last Row = Range("C" & Rows. You don't have to, but I do recommend it: calling columns by name is easier for the database engine. Look up Connection for later versions, or build a linkled table in MS-Access to the type of file you want, and interrogate the Tabledef.

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