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By means of IEDB analysis resource B and T cell epitopes were predicted and population coverage was calculated.

Two epitopes were proposed for international therapeutic peptide vaccine for B cell (GTPPQVY and LTPRSVRSVP).

As all coronaviruses, MERS-Co V has a non segmented, single stranded, positive polarity RNA genome.

The attachment of cleaved peptides to MHC molecules step was predicted.

prediction methods can be achieved by Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Stabilized Matrix Method (SMM), or Scoring Matrices derived from Combinatorial Peptide Libraries.

Moreover, there is a growing emphasis on the use of peptides in vaccine design as insights into tissue-specific processing of the immunogenic epitopes of proteins and the discovery of unusually long cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitopes broaden the range of targets and give clues to enhancing peptide immunogenicity .

In this study, an immunoinformatics-driven genome-wide screening strategy of vaccine targets was adopted to identify a multi-epitope vaccine candidate against whole S glycoprotein of MERS-Co V that could be suitable to trigger a significant humoral and cellular immune response. Protein Sequence Retrieval A total of 255 Spike glycoprotein of MERS Co V were retrieved from NCBI ( database in April 2016, and collected from different parts of the world; 184 isolates were collected in Saudi Arabia, twenty-three in United Arab Emirates, twenty-two in South Korea, and the rest were isolated in different countries; Oman, China, USA, United Kingdom, Greece, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, France, Thailand and Nigeria.

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