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These are often shown with subtitles, so expats will find that there is not much of a language barrier here. Bars and clubs are popular among the younger generation in and areas such as Bangkok there are plenty to choose from. Eating out in an evening is popular mainly because there is a large variety of restaurants available and it can often prove to be cheaper than staying at home for the evening meal.

Thailand has many cultural attractions and most of these are based in and around Bangkok.

The National Museum dates back to the 1920s and is close to the Grand Palace.

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There are regular performance of ‘khon’ which is a traditional mask dance drama but there are also plays and other shows which are staged regularly.Some places will have designated smoking areas and this is permitted.There are a number of public holidays each year in Thailand.SKYPARK @ SOMERSET is completed / TOP in 2009 (estimated), developed by TG PTE LTD.Educational institutions like OVERSEAS FAMILY SCHOOL (OFS), CHATSWORTH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (ORCHARD), INSWORLD INSTITUTE, RIVER VALLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL, ST.

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