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It's a long road for all of us, but Anjulie avows that if we just reach out a hand, we can find love and peace for all--somehow.

Listen to any one track on Guyanese-Canadian singer/songwriter Anjulie's self-titled debut, and it appears easy to pigeonhole her, to call her the next artist "X." The only problem with that lazy categorization is that, on song after song, that "artist X" changes.

She and her three older siblings are of Indian and Guyanese descent.

While the record's not without its rough patches, dully derivative moments, and false notes ("Fatal Attraction" gets a bit silly with its tacked-on breathy hook), Anjulie is quite impressive as an opening salvo from a talented musical collagist whose minor flurry of hype is well-warranted.

[Verse 1] Getting lost, don't know what side In my mind where no one can go Think I'm losing my cool, woah [Pre-Chorus] Oh, oh, oh On my way off the rails, I Don't pretend like I'm perfect too As I fear [?

William Maher is an American comedian, political commentator, and television host. In 2012, Maher purchased a minority ownership interest in the New York Mets.

In 2014, Maher was dating Ontario-born singer Anjulie Jun 7, 2017 ...

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