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Picture this: you open up your Skype contacts list in order to make a call.

You can see that ten of your contacts are online, including the person that you’re hoping to call, but are they actually sitting by their PC? Can they easily move to a quiet room in order to take a call, without having to change PCs or unplug and move a laptop?

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Plus, making Skype browser-bound will provide the ability to add hooks into many other web services, making it the service of choice through mere access and convenience.It is likely that the majority of the people that you know carry a mobile phone.You know that when you dial their number they will answer the call, or at least be left with a timely notification of your attempt.Is it as simple as people forgetting to leave the software running in order to accept a call? Does leaving a Vo IP app running in the background on your phone draw too much power?These examples are certainly factors, but the primary reason that Vo IP hasn’t taken over is a simple lack of ubiquity.

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