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The Castle was built next to the River Eden in the Vale of Mallerstang, probably by Hugh de MORVILLE [Lord of Westmoreland], Hugh de KEVELIOC [Earl of Chester] or by his son, Ranulph de MESCHINES. Roger, his son, being then 15 years old, the custody of the Castle was committed by Edward 11 to Guy de BEAUCHAMP, Earl of Warwick.Roger coming of age, was drawn into that conspiracy which Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, formed against the King, and, being taken a prisoner was beheaded at York.For 119 years it continued a desolate ruin until it was re-edified by the Lady Anne in 1660.

Also a fortified Manor Hall named Hartley Castle [also known as Harcla Castle and Hardcla Castle] at Hartley village, given to Sir Andrew de HARCLA by King Edward 11 in 1315.Sir Andrew also had possession of Hartley Manor, Mallerstang Forest and Smardale. The Norman Castle of Pendragon is reputed to have been founded by Uther Pendragon, the father of King Arthur.According to legend, Uther Pendragon and a hundred of his men were killed here when the Saxon invaders poisoned the well.By 1901, the numbers had grown to 9,201 [almost 50%] in Lancashire and 7,776 [just over 40%] in Yorkshire [almost doubled since 1841], followed by London 837 4%, Durham 463 2.5% and Cheshire 371 2%.The most populated parishes by HARTLEYs in Lancashire were Burnley [up from 2], Colne [down from 1], Nelson [new in], Blackburn up from 5] and Rochdale [new in]. Throughout the 20th C HARTLEYs moved from Lancashire and Yorkshire to other areas of Britain, and emigrated to many places throughout the world.

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