Sqlcachedependency not invalidating cache 2016

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I would just like to introduce you to the various interceptors available in the Spring framework which can be used when you have Spring WS in your application.

Endpoint interceptors are typically defined by using a element in your Spring application context.

Now we will have to configure the XML marshaller and endpoint adapters in the Spring configuration file as shown in Listing 16-7 below.

Configuring XML marshaller in Spring configuration file Following the pattern of Spring in other technologies, it provides Webservice Template similar to Jdbc Template and JMSTemplate to aid implementing the client for web service consumption and use.

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His main specialization is on various web technologies and acts as chief mentor and Principal Architect to facilitate incorporating Spring as Corporate Standard in the organization.

The wsdl served to the browser contains duplicates of the custom namespace prefixes defined in the original wsdl file packaged in a war inside an ear.

Listing 16-8 shows configuring Webservice Template in the Spring configuration file as shown below.

Configuring Webservice Template in Spring configuration file public class Booking Webservice Client Detailing Webservice Template in much more detail is out of scope of this book as detailing it would increase this chapter to another 20 pages as Spring WS gives very good way of customizing and integrating with other technologies.

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