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We have a set timescale for our process so that we can get a clear view of the site, and also get to grips with the finer points that they offer in terms of user settings, and getting to know the interface.

We give each service 6 months to deliver, whilst constantly taking notes of things like number of contacts , and the quality of the matches that we are sent.

Instead of taking her to a diner, go over to a quaint little resto or better yet show u with a picnic basket and take her to the nearest park. It is important that this day be free of any special occasion otherwise, your flowers won’t be as “random” as it is special.

Don’t get those elaborate only-a-rich-Casanova-can-afford type of bouquets; go for one that is so simple that anyone would think it was spontaneous; that will make it so charming that she can’t resist it. Beer and a local band, some dim sum, bowling – anything that will fit your description of “Casual” and “Fun” would do.

That will just ruin the whole plan and she’ll be turned off.

The secret is to lay off sexual topics for as long as possible.

This is her not only getting to enjoy your company but this is actually the first step to her entering your world.

Bring her somewhere that allows her to experience your hobbies.

You also can drop a few compliments every now and then but don’t overdo it to the point of bordering on being creepy.

But remember the rules on giving compliments to women! The secret to successfully implementing this one-week plan is to make sure that during this whole week you don’t act provocatively or even hint at anything sexual.

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And how do we come up with a fair way of evaluating the services that we look at? Our reviews are conducted from the point of view of the average user- that is to say that we don’t have special access, or a special “reviewers” pass, ( that we know are on offer!

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