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(That's actually how the verb form of intimate, meaning "give to understand; imply as a possibility" is pronounced, but no matter.) I thought this was a clever suggestion, putting a new spin on old words, but I'm not holding my breath for inti-mate to displace boyfriend and girlfriend any time soon.

Robert is hardly alone in his feeling that boyfriend and girlfriend are inappropriate terms to refer to grown adults in committed relationships.

PLEASE, don't think that I'm lacking in humor or appreciation of the subject.

I just read this at a late hour, and started grinding grammatical gears involuntarily!

In fact, you'd pretty much have to say "business partner" if you meant that, otherwise people would assume you're an item. Everyone who has had a relationship that transcends all words knows that words are no longer necessary and are fortunate indeed. However, when pressed to express consider this: My son is my son even though he was not conceived by me nor delivered from my womb.

"Partner" tends to be used for live-in arrangements, but I know various couples who keep separate homes who use it--it indicates a level of seriousness and interdependence. Although we got married last year, I still refer to my Better Half as my "partner", since it seems to me a more feminist term than "husband" and "wife". I do not feel the need to add "adopted" son when I introduce him as my son or do my taxes.

Grant Barrett, co-host of the public radio show "A Way With Words" (and an old friend of VT) often hears from callers with similar complaints.

As Grant recently told USA Today, "If you're in your 50s and living with somebody in a romantic relationship, what to call each other?

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Even so, they are still not suitable words for adults in romantic relationship of any sort.This time around, Robert from Coloma expressed dissatisfaction with the words boyfriend and girlfriend, suggesting a new word to cover both: inti-mate.Robert's idea is to take the adjective intimate and pronounce the final syllable as mate.In our age bracket such alliances are often financially driven, but that doesn't alter the situation.Works for me, but pronouncing "intimate" like the verb form is both confusing and tin-eared.

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