Updating blackberry pearl software

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In addition, Verizon has also offered an update for the Samsung Juke SCH-U470. It is not known what changes have been made over the previous version, AH23.

Finally, the LG VX8500 Chocolate has been updated to V07.

Both updates for the Juke and Chocolate are available at most Verizon Wireless stores.

Make sure to choose version, then click on “Téléchargez” (“Download”).Confirm the options you selected before proceeding with the installation of the upgrade.Make sure that the box marked “Back Up Device Data” is checked before proceeding with the software update.It meant that I wasn't worried it was just stuck, and left it to finish its business! There were quite a few language options at one point in the whole procedure, but I removed the checks from the check boxes for those languages that I did not anticipate using. The download was over 90MB, so it may take a while, even on a relatively fast connection.May you have good traffic light karma for the rest of 2012 and beyond! Although the origin of the application is T-Mobile in Germany, I use mine with U.

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