Updating library automation

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Machine builders have extensive experience keeping legacy systems operating.For example, in the article, the Bradbury Group ( builders of the metal processing equipment pictured in Figure 1 and other machines, keeps extensive program backups and obsolete hardware needed to keep its customers’ legacy equipment operating.“Keeping legacy equipment running without replacing the hardware or software is a nice dream until something fails and you’ve used your last spare,” he says.It’s not uncommon for maintenance technicians at Aero Spec’s customers to keep critical pieces of equipment running for years despite production and quality issues caused by the control system.Option three identifies critical hardware and then upgrades select devices while some existing and supportable equipment remains in place.Careful engineering and integration can make this a cost-effective solution with minimal downtime.Custom backlights enabled image acquisition of a front view and side view of the rivet.The system inspected for correct part and proper rivet orientation and alignment, and then transmitted the results to the CNC system prior to insertion and forming into the wing skin.

In the Control Design June 2013 article “Before Ripping Out That Old Automation System, Try Getting it Back in Shape First”, Michael Lindley, vice president at Concept Systems ( a systems integrator in Albany, Ore., stepped in to support inspection equipment at an aerospace company whose original equipment supplier went out of business.Due to the long life of their equipment and the reliability of old PLCs, upgrades can be difficult to justify.In the cover story, Intelligrated ( an OEM of material handling systems, discussed support of its older systems, such as Alvey palletizers.Option two carefully repairs the existing control system when failures occur using well stocked spare parts shelves, careful planning, and a little bit of luck.This can often be the lowest cost path, but eventually the shelf will be empty and an upgrade or retrofit will be required.

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