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But it’s definitely true that other get filled more quickly, and employers don’t always remove their ads.

I just sent out writing tests as part of a hiring process in a related career field, and including an extra piece that 8767 s more complex than the assignment given, rather than just trying to go above and beyond on really delivering what was asked for, would be a red flag for me.

Probably not enough to knock you out of the process, especially if the basic tasks were quite good, but enough to raise an eyebrow.

Some people want those enough that they will lie to the customers who say they don 8767 t want a credit card and have them fill out the info thinking they are just taking a 8775 survey.

8776 (Here 8767 s hoping none of those customers is applying for a mortgage any time soon.) Other salespeople have perfected the knack of spotting when someone is about to open a credit card, creating an 8775 emergency 8776 on the other side of the floor only that salesperson can handle, promising to ring up the sale and open the credit under the other salesperson 8767 s number, and then stealing both credit and sale.

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