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I love it when they did the alphabetical acting it whatever they call it at the end of the how where Jade really gets irritated with Tori that she lost. We all know bow cool the song make it in america...

The next day, Tori showed up in class suprising Jade.As she walked into her improve class, she accidently bumped into Beckett, or Beck, as everyone calls him, the hottest guy in school and spilled his coffee all over his shirt."Oh my god. Let me help you get that off," she exclaimed frantically as she rubbed her arm against his shirt trying to get out the coffee stain,""I think you're actually making it worse," Beck said.She slowly came to a stop, and as she looked up at him, their eyes met and they just gazed at each other.Read to find out Tori and Beck's journey from their first kiss to his proposal to her. After Victoria, or Tori as everyone calls her, had sung at her sister's showcase, she got accepted into Hollywood Arts.Today was her first day and she was as nervous as ever thinking she wasn't good enough.

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