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“I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but I’m a lot wiser than I used to be.

I’m really good at getting older.” Smith helps him be his best: “Not your uncomfortable best or an anxiety-fueled best, but your best.” They live near Lincoln Center, got engaged last December, and will “likely” marry in the spring, but no date has been set..

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Everybody, every type of person in the world: every religion, every nationality, every sexual preference, every hair and eye color. Everything will be okay."Living With The Devil Guttenberg says he always tries to say something nice, do something nice (like give money to the homeless), “because every morning I am fighting the devil.

Every morning that devil comes in and he is trying to tell me how things are not working out.

Then I hear my mom and dad (who now live in Arizona, and who he visits as regularly as he can) saying that things are pretty good, to enjoy life, and be happy.”They’re right.

He also played in other big films like 3 Men and a Baby and Short Circuit.

Growing up in a small home in Long Island, Guttenberg’s childhood is perhaps best marked by his close relationship with his family.

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