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Customers are reluctant to use mechanical depositories which provide them with no evidence of having made a deposit to be used in the event their deposit is not credited to their account.

Depositories have therefore been devised which automatically render a validated receipt, following a deposit by a customer, evidencing that a deposit has been made.

After the deposit envelope is inserted into the depository the deposit receipt ticket is separated from the envelope and returned to the depositor.

The mechanisms for such devices for separating the receipt from the deposit envelope and returning it are extremely complex and expensive and also prone to jamming and other mechanical failure.

Description: Widmer Time For You, Dot Matrix Electronic time Recorder, Time Stamp and Numbering Machine: Model T-4U The Widmer T-4U is one of the most versatile products that we offer.

The T-4U can be used by firms of all sizes to record time data for payroll purposes.

You will generate an indisputable, legible record that will facilitate time computation, reduce tardiness and provide the required records for Wage and Hour regulations.

The Widmer T-4U will reliably record for time computation, reduce tardiness as well as provide the required records for wage and hour regulations.

It is one of our most resourceful and affordable machines.

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