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Pink Kisses helps women get over guys with strength and speed so that they can move on and find courage in their new dating ventures.Social Clout: 7,506 likes, 1,281 followers URL: Bragging Rights: date boldly. don’t settle Taking the scientific approach to love, Cupid does some serious experimenting at Cupid’s Laboratory.She stirs people to find the strength from within when facing matters of the heart.Social Clout: 159 followers URL: Bragging Rights: life coaching and mentoring The host of Dare to Dream Coaching is a true writer, exploring the heartfelt emotions that so often accompany love and dating.Their contributors provide funny takes on modern hurdles of dating.Social Clout: 543 followers, 424 Likes URL: Bragging Rights: a dose of truth. Even if the divorce was your idea, it takes time to heal, grieve, and eventually…move on. If you skip it, what will likely happen is not pretty…Which of those choices spells something worthy of wonderful you? Those are situations that are product of a rushed decision that was fueled by fear and hurt. About Debra Kun: As a catalyst for deliberate change, Debra Kunz is an executive coach, inspiring speaker and the award-winning author of the personal enrichment book Love is Blind Only if You Are: A Woman’s Clear-Headed Guide to Deliberate Dating. Suzy developed Midlife Divorce Recovery as a safe refuge for people healing and surviving the overwhelm of divorce. The #1 thing to do before jumping back into dating is to really reflect on where you are in your recovery from your divorce. As you embark on the dating process, remember that you are worthy!

Social Clout: 393 likes, 157 followers URL: Bragging Rights: are you being deliberate?Deliberate Dating encourages readers to develop a dating strategy and have a plan.Knowing what you want is the first step to finding it, and author Debra Kunz is devoted to helping people find happiness.Her blog deals with various stages of dating, from asking someone out, to recovering from a breakup.Social Clout: 154 likes, 579 followers URL: Bragging Rights: finding love can be fun Mandy is a 30-something single voice behind A Wise Girl, and she recruited two guys as contributors to offer a balance.

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